Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 4 Guest Speaker Jaime Woo!

Good news everyone!! In keeping with this week's focus on Geo-Locative Technologies and Resituating the Network, our class be playing host to local author/journalist/game designer Jaime Woo. I'll go over key themes and the readings during the first half, and then Jaime will give a guest lecture and participate in a class discussion about geolocative dating (and hook up) apps, drawing on themes and findings he explores in his new book, Gaming Grindr. Here's more info on the book from Jaime's initial Indiegogo campaign:

what is gaming grindr about? from Jaime Woo on Vimeo.

This is a great and very unique opportunity to talk to someone who has spent a lot of time studying and thinking about a very cutting-edge topic/phenomenon, so be sure to bring your questions!