Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keeping up with Facebook

Keeping up with all the changes, innovations, redesigns and additions constantly unfolding in Facebook is tough enough as a user...Never mind trying to analyze the site and its underlying matrix of business transactions, data exchange, market research and "synergies". A possible resource that may be useful in this regard is Inside Facebook - an industry news site that reports on all business-related Facebook developments. Here's a description of the site from it's official "About" page:
"Inside Facebook is the leading source of news and analysis on Facebook’s global growth, corporate developments, and product innovations. Inside Facebook provides daily news and analysis for developers, marketers, and investors.

Inside Facebook is an independent news service of Inside Network, the industry’s leading research and news organization dedicated to providing original market research, critical analysis, data services and news on the Facebook platform, social gaming, and mobile applications ecosystem"
While this type of site does NOT provide the type of critical discussion and analysis that we'll be doing in SMC300, it can nonetheless be useful in giving us background data and the frequent updates we'll need to stay current in this ever shifting, oftentimes quite confusing, world of SNS/personal data economies.

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